Al-Quaim Madressah Classes - Sep 2022 Term Registration


Make payment to the following Bank Account


Account:         MANZAR ALI
Account No:   12316368

Sort code:       30-94-65

Reference: Your Phone Number (Mandatory)


Fees: £50 for each student


Please send Payment confirmation or Screenshot to 07939374613 (Text Message or WhatsApp) 


Basic Details


Parent Details


Terms & Conditions

  • This registration is for Online or Class-based sessions for Alquaim Slough Madressah.
  • Enrolment needs to be complete by both Existing and New Students.
  • Last Date of Admmission is 2nd September 2022.
  • Considering the availibility of our resource Al Quaim committee decided to continue lectures online over the Zoom or Skype. We will review again by end of year 2022, Information will be commnicated to partents accordingly.
  • By completing this form you are agreed and allowed us (Admin Team and Teachers) to keep the provided information into our Database.
  • Provided information will be in use to maintain our Student records, Student attendance, Admin work and Future communication purposes.
  • We do not share any details with third parties.
  • Annual registration fee is £50 per Student, Session will be running from September to July. 
  • We will provide MUS Book to the student for the class he/she will be registered for.
  • Class schedule will be share once Registration process completed.
  • Classes will be schedule to run over the weekends, however because of Teachers availiblity we may need to schedule some classes during week days time late in the evening
  • We may refund the fee if class schedule doesn't suits you OR If you request us to Cancel the Admission form before Classes started.
  • Therefore only register if you can ensure attendance of your children.
  • All sessions will be in English.


  • Parents must ensure they supervise the children during these online sessions.
  • Camera and microphone needs to remain on during the online classes unless class teacher requested to switch it off.
  • Students are not allowed to share any any image or video during the session until or unless class teacher approved and it is solely for learning purpose.
  • Parents and students are not allowed to record the session.

Resource Required

  • Students required Access to Laptop\ Workstation\ Tablets which should have working Camera and Microphone.
  • Please download Skype and create your own account (if you do not have any), Please share Skype ID to Alquaim Admin Team when completing the registration form.